WYE “Magic Motor” Electric Motor Training System

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Complete Wye Magic Motor Troubleshooting Training system simulates failures in wye wound industrial motors. Student curriculum and train-the-trainer guidebooks.

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Wye “Magic Motor” Electric Motor Troubleshooting Training system

Stop replacing electric motors that are still good! Find out how to troubleshoot Wye and Delta electric motors the right way!

This Magic Motor is named “Magic” because, just with a simple flip of a switch, this motor training aid changes from a normal functioning Wye induction three-phase electric motor, to a malfunctioning electric motor… or that is… FIVE different malfunctioning electric motors!

Depending on the position on the SIX position selector switch, the motor simulates different failures. These include:

  1. Normal Working Motor
  2. Open Winding
  3. Shorted Winding
  4. Shorted Winding (compound short)
  5. Short to Ground
  6. Insulation Resistance to Low (megger)

This light weight simulated motor looks and feels much like a real motor and electrically tests exactly like a real world motor. The included class curriculum is designed to teach a student how to troubleshoot and recognize what happens inside the motor and how to identify those different failures. Stop throwing away hundreds or thousands of dollars of motors that are mis-diagnosed. Learn how to do it right!

ITU has designed and developed more training classes and curriculum for use by colleges, universities, vocational and trade schools. We have now developed this award winning, easy to teach and understand motor training simulator. Our “Magic Motor” is manufactured in Indiana along with all of our rugged award winning training equipment.

Easy to teach! – Easy to learn!

What you get:

  • High Quality “Magic Motor” simulator
  • Student Workbook (on CD, print as many as you like)                                      
  • Instructor Guidebook (on CD) Train-the-Trainer
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • More…


Six position switch selects failure…


Vocational Wye motor simulator



ITU training equipment made in the USA

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