Six Pack – Portable Electrical Controls Training System Set

$ 15,395.00

Set of six Portable Electrical Controls Training Systems. Never has this high quality vocational training program been offered at such a low price!

Item# 6PK-FCS-HOTS-1553


Portable “Hands-On” Electrical Controls Training System set of six.

Save over $1000 when you order this set of six Portable Electrical Motor Controls Training Systems. Set includes a Training Curriculum,  Faulty Component Bugging kit and Tool and Accessory Kit for each system.

Never has this high quality vocational training program been offered at such a low price! You can teach students how to find and fix failures in electrical circuit in seconds! Using our exclusive methods developed by years of “On the Job” experience, students will learn fast and retain what they have learned by practicing “Hands-On”…

This Vocational Electrical Controls Training Class teaches the operation, troubleshooting, and the “Need to Know” aspects of an electrical motor controls system found in industry today. This control technology is often found in manufacturing, industrial, commercial, healthcare, government, off-shore, pipeline, as well as many other industries. This training system is so effective it will have even rookie or entry level maintenance personnel using multi-meters like professionals and will teach veteran electricians to find and troubleshoot even the most difficult problems in electrical control systems!

The instructors will easily be able to familiarize themselves with the training material using the “Instructors Guidebook” of “Train the Trainers” manual and be able to teach how each of the widely used electrical control components work and the common failures often associated with them.

Most of this electrical training class is spent learning on these real-world, real powered electrical panels with real electrical components commonly used around the world today. The Instructor will place “Real World” bugs or failures in the circuit after the students get the circuit constructed. The student, using the methods learned in this class program and student workbooks, will use their newly found skills to find and actually fix the problems. Real failures, real results, and real Hands-On Troubleshooting!!

These Vocational Training Systems utilizes a modified feed voltage (12.0 to 24.0 VAC) that allows a student to work with actual powered circuits yet protects the student from shock or burn.

These Training Systems includes all the training material required to educate the instructor with the training material associated with this training system. It also includes an easy to use full color educational PowerPoint Presentation and a full color student Workbook that can be printed over and over.

Using this Award Winning system, you can take entry level students and turn them into effective workers with skills are in high demand!