Six Pack – Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD Training System Set

$ 17,095.00

Set of six Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD Training Systems. Set includes a Training Curriculum, Faulty Component Bugging kit and Tool and Accessory Kit for each system.

Item# 6PK-VFD-1331AB


“Hands-On” Allen Bradley Powerflex VFD Training System set of six.

Save over $1000 when you order this set of six Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD Training Systems. Set includes a Training Curriculum, Faulty Component Bugging kit and Tool and Accessory Kit for each system.

LearnLab makes VFD training fun and easy!

This Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD or Variable Frequency Motor Drives Training Class and System is designed for working on real powered electrical circuits that include a Variable Frequency Drive to control the three phase motor (included). This one of a kind training tool is also known as adjustable-frequency drives (AFD), variable-speed drives (VSD), AC drives, microdrives or inverter drives. This VFD technology is used to control the rotational speed of 3 phase electric motors. Often seen in ventilation systems (HVAC) in large buildings to control the drive motors on fans to manage the volume of air moved to match the demand of the system. Also commonly used on pumps, machines, and other tool drives.

The Instructor will easily become familiar with the Allen Bradley VFD training material and be able to instruct students on how to complete circuits and fix “Real World” VFD bugs or failures in the circuit. Using the methods learned in this class, the students will use their meters and instruments to find and actually be able to diagnose problems. Real failures, real results, and real Variable Frequency Drive Hands-On Troubleshooting! ITUs’ vocational training systems are a must have for “on job training”, “hands-on training” and vocational training.

This gives you the tools to teach:

  • Industrial VFD Control Panel Indication
  • Ice Cube Control Relays
  • Industrial Stop-Start Controls
  • Selector Switch Programming
  • Three Phase Motor Troubleshooting
  • Rheostat Control (0-10v & 5-20ma signals)
  • Wye wound Induction Motor

These Allen Bradley Training Systems utilize a modified feed voltage (24 VAC) available on the training system for the students to work with. That allows a student to work with actual powered circuits yet protects the student from shock or burn. The unit powers up with standard 120volt wall outlet power, yet internally provides 230 volt three phase power for the motor onboard.

This Training System includes all the training material required to educate the instructor with the training material associated with this training system. It also includes an easy to use full color educational PowerPoint Presentation and a full color student Workbook that can be printed over and over.