Electrical Wiring Training System

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Complete Electrical Wiring Training Panel System.

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Electrical Wiring Training System

This affordable electrical wiring training (branch wiring training) system makes understanding electrical wiring fun and easy! It includes hours of “Hands-On’ labs that will help any entry level electrical student understand this high demand trade!

While taking this electrical training class, students will learn the basics of branch wiring in a Commercial or Residential setting. This training system is perfect for teaching construction trades students the basics of electrical wiring. It is also good for brushing up the skills of the pros and is actually quite enjoyable for them. It gives them a chance to show off their knowledge about basic electrical wiring. This system has also become popular for the electrical employee hiring process. It is a great way to test electrical workers before you hire them to see if they really have the skills to wire in circuits and troubleshoot problems.

Electrical Wiring Vocational Class

This Electrical Wiring Training System offers a variety of electrical components, including many different types of light switches- single and three way, Circuit Breaker Panels, electrical outlets for 110V single phase components, as well as 220V circuits. The  wiring scenarios that this training product provides is based on wiring situations electrical workers face on a day to day basis in many environments but only at 12 to 24 volts, keeping it safe for students and instructors. This is designed to be instructor led training. LearnLabs’ vocational training systems are a must have for “on job training”, “hands-on training” and vocational training.

Electrical Wiring Training Panel

1. Desktop Training Platform

2. Power Panel: Power panels are found in almost every electrical installation to provide an enclosure for power connections, grounding and circuit protection devices. Students will open, configure, and plan the connections inside this real electrical panel.

3. Buzzer/Sounder: The electrical buzzer adds a training dimension to the panels that adds to the overall learning experience. Sight, sound, and practical hands-on learning.

4. Branch Recepticals: 15 and 20 amp 120 VAC receptacles are covered in the training to help students understand the differences and the practical uses of each type of circuit.

5. Three Way Switches: Two separate 3-way switches are used to train a student how to wire the confusing three way lamp circuit. The curriculum shows the students easy and practical ways to understand and remember this common type of light switch circuit.

6. One-Way Switches: Two separate 1-way switches allow the students to build and troubleshoot real world electrical branch circuits fed from the main power panel.

7. Light Bulbs: Two lamp sockets allow the students to test, troubleshoot and see first hand their progress while learning to wire these common real world circuits.

8. Utility Receptacle: A 30 amp 240 VAC socket is provided to teach students how to wire and troubleshoot utility branch circuits such as found in many single phase applications. Understanding the L1 and L2 connections along with the neutral and ground connections is a must for any electrical worker.

9. Circuit Protection: Circuit breakers are provided just as in the case of a real world electrical installation for the students to learn about, and understand the purpose and design of these required devices. The curriculum covers all aspects of circuit protection and sizing.

This Training System includes all of the training material required to educate the instructor with the training material associated with this training system, as well as an easy to use full color educational PowerPoint Presentation and a full color student Workbook that can be printed over and over.

What you get:

  • The Complete Training System (as shown)
  • Student Workbook ( on CD print as many as you need)
  • Instructors Guidebook (on CD)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • More…

You can fast become the leader in teaching people how to be a major asset in the electrical trades!

ITU training Equipment made in the USA

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