Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) Training System

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Complete Allen Bradley Programmable Controls Training System (Programmable Logic Controller) with curriculum and train the trainer guidebook.

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Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) Training System

OK, here it is! The most effective way to teach people how to troubleshoot or program Allen Bradley PLC systems!

Each student will spend time learning how the Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is connected in common circuits and will actually wire input and outputs on a real working PLC. In addition, the student will learn to program this unit with the RSLogix Lite Software that is included with the training system. This training system teaches 98% of the program logic statements and addressing used in PLC programming. This system is great for teaching students the automation of electromechanical processes. These processes are used in assembly lines in the automotive industry, manufacturing in almost every industry, commercial buildings, stop lights, railroad systems, rides at amusement parks, and automatic lighting, just to name a few. PLC technology is used everywhere every day. They are so common that we take them for granted and rely on them more and more every day as we become more dependent on technology.

Allen Bradley PLC class

With this electrical training system, students will be challenged to use what they have learned in this class to troubleshoot and find real world failures in these training systems used in class. This is the best and fastest way to learn this technology, Hands-On! Real PLC’s are used to operate real electrical devices under real conditions. This is the best and safest way to learn how to find and fix problems fast!

The RSLogix Lite software and cable to program the PLC is included! Works on about any laptop or PC.

This PLC training system will teach students about 98% of all of the programming statements and functions found in PLC programs in industry today! ITUs’ vocational training systems are a must have for “on job training”, “hands-on training” and vocational training.

Field components used on the training system to interface the PLC are:

Allen Bradley Training Panel Components

1. Desktop Training Platform

2. Connection Strip: The curriculum teaches a student how to correctly wire a control circuit using the same barrier strips found in most industrial machinery . This aids in teaching proper construction as well as troubleshooting methods.

3. Limit Switches: Limit switches are found in many, many places in industry from doors, protective guards, positioning, end-of-travel, as well as many other applications. Student will learn to wire and troubleshoot these common industrial devices.

4. Stop Start Station: By far these industrial electrical switches are a staple in machines and process controls. The curriculum teaches all about these common devices by using real world scenarios to challenge the students throughout the training.

5. Selector Switch: Selector switches are another very common control panel device that is used in many ways in common machine and process controls. Students will learn to understand, connect and troubleshoot this switch in this real world training.

6. Transducer: Real world devices such as signaling and sound generators are used throughout industry. This real sound transducer adds the sound dimension to the training circuits that call be both fun and educational at the same time.

7. General Purpose Contactor: Contactors are also largely used in many circuits such as heater control, lighting control as well as many others. Students here learn to connect, operate, and troubleshoot these contactors.

8. IEC Motor Starter: Students will learn to identify and understand the motor starter functions, and why they are required to be used by the National Electrical Code in industry. Students learn the components, connections, failures, and how this devices operates and why.

9. Ice Cube Relays or Controls Relays: often called “Ice Cube” relays due to their appearance similar to an actual ice cube are a staple in most machine controls systems. Our curriculum teaches the types, functions, and operation of these common devices, along with the common failures, and the easy methods to troubleshoot them.

10. Programmable Logic Controller: This modular PLC offers the ability to teach students how to program, set-up, and troubleshoot many brands and types of PLC. The training curriculum is arranged to cover brands such as Allen Bradley, General Electric, Koyo, Omron, and more. Students will gain a well rounded knowledge of how these device operate and how to use them.

11. Indicator Lamps: While simple in construction, students will learn the importance of these devices by wiring them into common circuits, seeing them operate and troubleshooting the circuits based on their functions.

12. Power Supply: The on-board power supply converts the 120VAC power to a manageable and safe voltage to allow the students to wire, troubleshoot, and even short circuit the control circuits without dangerous risks. The panel operates below the NFPA 50 volt level to dispel the need to wear PPE when training.

These Training Panels utilize a modified feed voltage (12.0 to 24.0 VAC) that allows a student to work with actual powered circuits yet protects the student from shock or burn.

This Training System includes all the training material required to educate the instructor with the training material associated with this training system. It also includes an easy to use full color educational PowerPoint Presentation and a full color student Workbook that can be printed over and over.


ITU training equipment made in the USA


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